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Essential Oils Organic

The Certified Organic Essential Oils truly manifest the presence of the essence of the organic compounds. These Certified Organic Essential Oils relieve stress, comfort the mind, balance emotions and support numerous physical ailments.

Available in different kinds, the certified organic essential oils refresh the body, mind & spirit to the maximum. Examples of certified organic essential oils are basil oil, bergamot oil and lot more

Carrier Oils Organic

Plant oils are vegetable based oils extracted from the seed, nut, kernel, or fruit of various plant species. Applications for plant oils exist in numerous industries including but not limited to the food, nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic.

Our offering is a comprehensive collection of natural oils from around the world includes both natural and certified organic oils.

Absolute Oils Organic

Saysons Marketing Services carry a wide range of pure Absolute oils available in Canada and USA with low price. Absolute oils and Essential oils are very similar to each other, however they are extracted using different methods. Essential oils typically produced by steam or distillation, however absolute oils require more complex methods such as solvent extraction techniques.

Absolute oils are highly concentrated and their fragrance is also much more concentrated and complex. They are more volatile than essential oils and which means they can evaporate if not taken care properly. This is the main reason that they are always stored in dark, air-tight glass bottles and kept away from heat. They are also used in perfumery and aromatherapy to add pure and natural fragrance of plants..

Floral Waters

Floral waters are the waters that can be produced simply by adding your essential oil or absolutes in to distilled water. Floral waters has a pleasant fragrance like natural hydrosols. Floral waters are another way to get benefits from essential oils. There are variety of benefits of floral waters ranging from body care to cooking. They can be used as skin toners after cleansing and can be added to face masks and hair masks in place of normal water. In baths they can be used as natural perfumes and in bed sheets to delicate fragrance. We can also use them in homemade beauty products.

They can be replaced with commercial air fresheners because of their pleasant fragrance. These are appearing to be perfectly acceptable by Aroma Therapists as real hydrosols. Floral waters are mainly available in the large markets, health food stores and at online stores from the companies who produce them. SMS Organics is a great online store for buying premium quality floral waters.

All of our floral waters are extremely versatile. NOTE:- All floral water should be refrigerated after OPENING FOR LONGER SHELF-LIFE.

Synergy Blend Essential Oils

Synergy blends are so important in aromatherapy because all the essential oils work together to target one symptom instead of single essential oil. The reason behind the synergy blend is to achieve greater benefit of each essential oil by creating new composition. Synergy blends are produced to serve a range of uses from (Aphrodisiac, Mental Clarity, Stress, Relaxing, Weight Loss, Anger Management, Anti-Aging, Respiratory, Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Immunity, Sleep and Vitality & More..).

Each of the oil is reputed to have distinct properties that work on specific states. However, it is important to note that synergy blends are not medicine, nor should they be applied directly to the skin. We recommend all our essential oils and synergy oils to be used in dilution 2% to 5%, and should not be ingested. These Synergy Blends have been created by gathering information from Aromatherapist, ND, Homeopaths and TCM Doctors.

Attar or ittar

Ittar, also known as Attar, is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Most commonly these oils are extracted via hydro or steam distillation. They can also be expressed by chemical means but generally natural perfumes which qualify as ittars are distilled with water.

The oils are generally distilled into a wood base, Coconut Fractionated, Paraffin base and Sandalwood then aged. The aging period can last from couple months to couple of years depending on the botanical used and the results desired. Ittars are highly concentrated and therefore are usually offered for sale in small quantities in glass bottles. Ittars are popular throughout the Middle East. Ittars have been used in the entire Eastern world for thousands of years. Attars are free of alcohol.