Grapefruit Seed Carrier Oil Organic

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Botanic Name:
Citrus racemosa

Product Name:
Grapefruit Seed Carrier Oil (ORGANIC)

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Botanic Name:  Citrus racemosa


Product Name: Grapefruit Seed Carrier Oil (ORGANIC)

Country of Origin: USA

Grapefruit Seed Oil has a high vitamin C content and is therefore valuable to the immune system. The oil has a unique ‘fat dissolving’ characteristic great to reduce cellulite; it is also very good for cleansing oily skin and helping with acne due to its astringent nature. Grapefruit Seed Oil is an excellent oil ingredient for cosmetic applications like lotions, creams and washes and will help to clear a greasy, congested and acne skin, while also helping the tissue get rid of cellulite and drain any excess retained water. Grapefruit oil can be used in a blended massage oil, or may be diluted in the bath to assist with cellulite, colds and flu, lack of energy, jet lag, muscle fatigue, overweight, headaches, moodiness and mental and physical tiredness.

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