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Honeysuckle Attar


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Product Name: Honeysuckle Attar

Botanic Name: Lonicera caprifolium

Honeysuckle attar is derived through the Hydrodistillation extraction process from the fresh flowers of honeysuckle plant. This bushy plant is native to Europe but later spread many different places. It is scientifically known as Diervilla sessilifolia and comes from the Caprifoliaceae family. With the largest varieties available in China, this plant has more than 180 species which is found at different places in all over the world. It is commonly known as European honeysuckle, white honeysuckle, Japanese Honeysuckle and many more. Due to its sweet and lovely aroma, the hummingbirds are very attracted to this plant. The perfume oil derived from this plant is organically extracted and carries all the natural essence and therapeutic properties. Its aroma is highly refreshing and having very calming and soothing effect on mind.

Aromatherapy: Due to its refreshing and relaxing effect on mind and body, it is broadly used with the aromatherapy methods for the purpose of getting relief in the stressed and anxious condition of mind. Depression is also cured by using this perfume oil because it has amazing ability to lift up your mood and fill positive and joyous feeling in your mind.

Perfumery: The perfume industry used this attar in the formulation of various perfumes with having aroma of honeysuckle flower. It is either used as base or fixative to produce exotic perfumes.

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