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Khus Vetiver Attar


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Product Name: Khus Vetiver Attar

Botanic Name: Vetiveria Zizanioides

Khus attar is prepared from the roots of vetiver grass by using the traditional Hydrodistillation extraction process. It is scientifically known as vetiveria zizanioides and belongs to Indian soil. This attar is green color and very rich and pleasant aroma which has amazing soothing and calming effect on mind and thus very effective in treating mental problems like stress, depression, lacking of concentration and much more.

This attar is composition of sandalwood  oil and khus oil. Both oils  have their own quality of healing various health ailments. Along with treating stress and depression, this Khus attar is also helpful in getting rid of insomnia problem. It is a wonderful tonic for memory enhancement and improving mental focus. The perfume industry as well as cosmetic industry widely uses this attar to produce various perfumes, skin care products and incense sticks due to its non-toxic nature and fascinating aroma.

Nervous System: This perfume oil is a perfect tonic for nervous system and amazingly rejuvenates and enhances its functionality and improves mental concentration. Its cooling and soothing property help you to cure problem of stress, anxiety and depression. This attar is very effective in strengthening nervous system and helps to fight depressive feeling. Due to these capabilities, this attar is highly used in aromatherapy treatment.

Insomnia: Insomnia is a disease in which a person is not able to sleep properly which results in restlessness, annoyance and other health problems. This attar can effectively help the problem of insomnia. Its enchanting aroma can let you forget everything and get you a sound sleep.

Perfumery: Due to its rich and alluring fragrance, it is dear to perfume industry and used for the production of various perfumes and fragrance based products.

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