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Mitti Baked Earth Soil Attar


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Product Name: Mitti Baked Earth Soil Attar

Botanic Name: Earth Soil

The aroma of mitti attar resembles with the scent of soil hit by first rain of monsoon. The fragrance of the first rain after hot and humid earth. Songs have been sung and poems written about it. But did you know you could get it in a bottle? A century-old process is used to recreate that loamy smell of the first shower hitting the earth, as an attar. The process takes about 2 weeks, the mitti attar procedure involves baking clay extracted from topsoil and  baked clay in the vessels and hydrodistillation as shown in the picture below. Mitti attar is used as a fragrance and in aromatherapy, because the smell of it is so calming and relaxing

The enchanting and captivating fragrance of this attar let you feel close to nature even in your drawing room. It is prepared from the fresh mud of river bank by using the hydro distillation extraction. This all organic process keep the natural essence of earth soil intact and its aroma effectively helps to elevate mood and cure mental stress and anxiety. It also helps to ease tension pain and other health troubles. It is also used in the perfume industry to prepare exotic perfumes. It is considered very beneficial for skin. It can help your skin to glow naturally and look young and soft.

100% Alcohol Free.

100% Natural.

100% Oil Base.

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