Carrier Oils - Organic

Carrier oils refer to base oils that are used to dilute essential oils before applying them directly to your skin. Carrier oils are typically cold-pressed oils that are produced from the fatty portions of a specific plant. Carrier oils do not evaporate like Essential Oils do, and carrier oils can go rancid where Essential Oils will not. Saysons Marketing Services is providing all kinds of natural and unadulterated carrier oils. We maintain our store of cold-pressed and macerated vegetable oils, taken from the various natural elements and nuts. For massage and aromatherapy, the customers can utilize our base oils and vegetable oils to dilute the essential oils. The carrier oils are implemented for therapeutic purposes as well. The base oils are purely extracted from the nuts or seeds. Our online customers can go through the variety of oils depending upon their needs. We assure our potential customers for the 100% pure and natural oils with not extra added preservatives.

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